How to make jewelry tree with wire

2020-01-20 12:41

Jan 06, 2017 In this video learn how to make a wire wrapped tree of life pendant featuring lovely gemstone chips. You will learn how to make the outer hoop frame as well as how to make the twisted roots1. ) Make the Frame for a Wire Tree of Life: Slide your wire off the mandrel. Using the tips of your flat nose pliers, grasp one wire end right where the wires cross: Now use your pliers to bend the wire end straight up, at a 90degree angle: Now well make a wrapped wire loop, which will be the bail of the frame. how to make jewelry tree with wire

Nov 30, 2009  How to Make a Wire Jewelry Tree. You need strong hands for this gauge of wire. Start pulling sections out and twisting them away from the trunkat the top for limbs and the bottom for roots. You need the roots long enough to be able to stand the tree up and the limbs longer than the roots so that it looks like a tree.

Start to bend and twist the hanger to give its original appearance a completely different shape. Now, start to twist the wire together only where it just links. No more than that. Jan 29, 2016  Directions: Separate the wires at the base and crown in groups of 3 and bend on the sides around the body of the tree. For the crown, make 5 groups of 3 wires and the rest gather in 1 group of 10 (sister miscounted the wires here so the photo wont show the correct wires in all groups; just followhow to make jewelry tree with wire

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