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Although steel is usually welded or brazed together, you can also solder it. Soldering steel wire is not unlike soldering other wire types like silver or copper. To solder steel wire together, follow the soldering process for silver wire.Copper Solder 18gauge copper wire for soldering copper. The presence of phosphorous makes this wire solder self fluxing. Melts at 1310 F and flows at 1460 F. Brass Solder Cadmiumfree 20gauge brass wire for hard soldering. Melts at 1200 F and flows at 1330 soldering steel wire jewelry

Aug 02, 2019 Operating at 60 watts, this 6 in 1 electrical soldering iron kit has a ceramic heater core for more rapid heating, allowing you to get started with your jewelry project in around 2 minutes. It also features an adjustable temperature range between 200 and 450 degrees celcius for greater flexibility.

use a product from the manufacturar FRYOLUX, Its called solder paint, it will help solder most metals including steel plate, apply a small amount to the steel and heat with a small blowlamp with a pointed flame, when the paste melts at a fairly low temp. compared with brazing, it will tin the steel and you can add a special solder called plumbers metal to add some bulk to the joint. Jul 24, 2013 How to Solder Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel comes in pipe, tube, and sheet form. It is usually nonmagnetic and often has a silver finish. Stainless Steel alloys with high Nickel or Chromium contents can be very shiny and have a mirrorsoldering steel wire jewelry Apr 24, 2017 If you are soldering brass or copper parts to the stainless steel, tin them first by heating them and applying a thin coat of solder to the area that connects to the stainless steel. Hold your parts together with wire or clamps. Make sure the surfaces fit flush. Silver solder will not fill gaps.

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Apr 30, 2013 Improved stainles steel hard soldering. Improved stainles steel hard soldering. Skip navigation Sign in. HOW TO TWIST ELECTRIC WIRE TOGETHER! Duration: 6: 16. Fixotronic 12, 194, 139 views. soldering steel wire jewelry Blackened steel& silver solder. Use wire from the hardware store to translate a line drawing into a simple soldered form. Download& Print this PDF. Learn how to use mildsteel wire to make a piece of jewelry that looks like a line drawing. You can use my sparrow pin (left) as a template to follow along with this tutorial, or have fun and draw Oct 16, 2007 This jewelry making video shows you the correct way to use a soldering iron. The 4 Steps for Successful Soldering The 4 steps will help you to achieve soldering success! Identifying Wire Solder How to mark your solder so that you always know what type it is. Jewelry Tools Harbor Freight Cheap tools for the studio! Miter Cutting Vise and Jig: Having a hard time squaring up the ends of your ring shanks Facet Jewelry Making is your destination for jewelry making from start to finish. How to work with steel wire. you must heat the entire piece in order for one join to become hot enough to allow solder to flow. Steel, on the other hand, will spot heat just in the area where the torch is aimed, getting hotter and glowing brighter than any

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