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If you are introducing an adult dog then place it in the dog crate with a distracting toy and bring your cat into the room. Give your cat attention at this time: grooming, play or provide it with a favourite food treat to create positive associations with the experience. When your cat seems relaxed in the same room then you can open the pen (with your dog on a lead) and allow your dog to sit beside you whilst holding theApr 09, 2018 Bring in the Other Cat: Casually have your partner bring the other cat into the room and immediately engage him. In a perfect world, you would lead the cat into the space with whatever is their favorite food or toy. 3. introducing dog into home cats

Nov 30, 2017 To introduce a cat to a dog, start by touching one animal in a separate room, and then letting the other animal smell your hand. Then, let them smell each other under a door or through a gate or fence to see how the animals react to being close to each other.

Jul 07, 2016  When Its Time to Bring A Dog Into A Cat Household Make any necessary adjustments to the location of the cats food, water, and litter box in advance. If possible, give the dog some exercise (a walk) before bringing him in the house. This will calm him, and reduce the chance of accidents. If you are bringing a new dog or cat into your home, its important that the pet gets adjusted to a new space without the added stress of additional animals right away. In this instance, Bales suggests keeping the cat in a separate environment with plenty of stimulation for several days.introducing dog into home cats Introducing Dog's into homes with Cats is a guide to teach people how to introduce a new dog into a home that already has cats.

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If your gut is telling you that this isn't working out, respect that message. The humane thing to do in this case is contact the shelter or breeder so that you can find a good catfree home for the dog. In the interim, keep dog and cat separated and give them both lots of love. introducing dog into home cats At first, the cat and the dog should be on opposite sides of the room. Lots of short visits are better than a few long visits. Don't drag out the visit so long that the dog becomes uncontrollable. Repeat this step several times until both the cat and dog are tolerating each other's presence without fear, aggression or other undesirable behavior. Mar 29, 2019 Introduce your dog and cat to each other. Take your dog on a long walk before you plan on introducing him to your cat. Keep him on his leash, and have him sit while you have another person bring in your cat. Reward your dog for ignoring your cat. Body language of dogs and cats When introducing your dog to a cat, pay attention to the body language of both animals. If the cats ears are pinned back or his tail is swishing back and forth, this is a good indicator that he is displeased. You particularly want to be aware of dog body language that could be potential warning signs.

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