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Introspection definition is a reflective looking inward: an examination of one's own thoughts and feelings. How to use introspection in a sentence.The definition of introspective is someone who looks inward or focuses on their own internal thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations. Someone who is always analyzing his own actions is an example of someone who would be described as introspective. define introspective analysis

introspection the contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct. selfcontemplation, selfexamination. musing, reflection, rumination, thoughtfulness, contemplation, reflexion a calm, lengthy, intent consideration. selfanalysis, soulsearching a penetrating examination of your own beliefs and

Introspective studies are required to probe more deeply into the decisions a listener makes while engaged in different types of assessment tasks. From Cambridge English Corpus Lyrics (often Introspection generally provides a privileged access to one's own mental states, not mediated by other sources of knowledge, so that individual experience of the mind is unique. Introspection can determine any number of mental states including: sensory, bodily, cognitive, emotional and so forth.define introspective analysis Introspective Analysis 1. Attention step: The paragraph must start with a short description of a moment in your life 2. Topicorientation step: The next sentence after attention step above (the example) 3. Thesis statement: The next sentence is the thesis statement, 4. Preview step: The

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A retrospective analysis is the opposite of a prospective study, which is where investigators design the study before the subjects develop a particular disease. Retrospective studies are often used in medicine, but they are also used by ecologists, historians and criminologists, as well as define introspective analysis Introspective definition: Introspective people spend a lot of time examining their own thoughts, ideas, and Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Define introspective. introspective synonyms, introspective pronunciation, introspective translation, English dictionary definition of introspective. intr. v. introspected, introspecting, introspects To engage in introspection. introspective adj. introspectively adv. Adj. 1. Dec 10, 2013 Introspection definition, observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc. ; the act of looking within oneself. See more. Aug 25, 2014 Introspective definition, characterized by introspection, the act or process of looking into oneself. See more.

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