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Reconstructing past plate movements: The sea floor record: Inferring the recent movements of plates and continents is relatively easy. Just rewind the paleomagnetic record of sea floor spreading until all of the continents are together in Pangaea.33 rows  This course is a rigorous introduction to the subject and principles of Physical Geology. The introduction to physical geology syllabus

53 rows  CORE: This class fulfills a CORE Physical Lab Science Course requirement (PL) ONLY when taken concurrently with GEOL 110, Physical Geology Laboratory. Labs: GEOL110 is a separate course, and attendance and grading policies are strictly up to your

Physical Geology is an introduction to physical science, in particular to those aspects of science that seek to understand the origin, evolution, and present form of the Earth and similar bodies in the solar system (and perhaps in other systems as well). Physical geology is an introduction to the study of geology, minerals, rocks, plate tectonics, geological processes, structural geology, and landforms. A Saturday field trip is required. PREREQUISITESintroduction to physical geology syllabus

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