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2020-01-21 20:19

Introitus Shadows, released 14 June 2019 1. Belong 2. Shadows 3. Beyond Fantasy 4. Desperation 5. Figures 6. My Hero 7. AwakeningIntroitus is a Neoprog band that was founded in 1999 in Sweden. The interesting thing about them is that 4 members of the band are a family: founder Mats Bender (keyboards) who is the father, his wife Anne (vocals), and their children Mattias (drums), and Johanna (vocals). introitus band

Nov 11, 2015  Now, to clear something up: Yes, an introitus can be an alternate term for vagina. In actuality, a vagina is a type of introitus. The band themselves, though, chose this name to represent the idea of bringing listeners to a threshold of some sort of peace, awe, or just an experience of some sort.

Considered black metal pioneers in Eastern Europe and as the first black metal act from Serbia. Also, the first band from Serbia, in metal music generally, that have signed a INTROITUS is a NeoProg (Prog) artist from Sweden. This page has links to the official web site, google home page, facebook, youtube, myspace, twitter, bandcamp, reverbnation. There is also a bandartist picture, the discography on CD, albums on vinyl (LP), DVD along with artist information and biographyintroitus band Introitus. 801 likes. Members: Mats Bender Anna Jobs Bender Mattias Bender Pr Helje Dennis Lindkvist Linna Syrjl MusicianBand. FRETLESS. MusicianBand. Bad Elephant Music. Record Label. Karfagen. MusicianBand. SunchildAKP. MusicianBand. Timo Tolkki's Avalon. MusicianBand

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