Can't get past introduction in little big planet

2020-01-17 17:21

Feb 23, 2009 How do you get past intro of Little Big Planet? how in the world do you get past the introduction to this game. I get to the part where its says introducing and the vid about emotions after but then nothing. i can move my character around but nothing else will load. Follow. 1Nov 18, 2014 Welcome To LittleBigPlanet 3 Don't forget to click the like button if you enjoyed: ) This is part 1 of my 100 Walkthrough Playthrough for LBP3 story mode. I will be showing how to get all of can't get past introduction in little big planet

You'll be able to get various costumes during the game. Head past the Gong (these are known as checkpoints should you die, you're brought back here and the Gong's light circle is reduced slightly, so you can't keep dying infinitely). Next, follow the path to the next introductory video which is about the emotions of your Sackboy.

Nov 09, 2008 Stuck on the introductory level of Little Big Planet help! ? Okay, I just got Little Big Planet, and I'm really excited to play it. However, I'm sitting here, going through that very first introductory level with the credits and everything, and EVERY TIME I go past the thing that drops down and says Introducing with the arrows, my game stops Jan 08, 2009 As the first true level to Little Big Planet, don't expect much in the way of challenges. Heck, you'll mostly just be running and jumping!can't get past introduction in little big planet Introduction (LittleBigPlanet) Description Introducing LittleBigPlanet Game LittleBigPlanet Creator Curator Media Molecule Location The Gardens Music Left Bank Two Characters SackboyMedia Molecule developersMeerkats (cameo) Powerups None Introduction is the first level in LittleBigPlanet. It

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Oct 26, 2008 Intro to Little Big Planet. Intro to Little Big Planet. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Little Big Planet 2 Introduction 'Orb of Dreamers' Duration: 1: 28. CogSpartan457 17, 151 views. can't get past introduction in little big planet

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