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CAUSES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT AND CONCEPTS FOR DEVELOPMENT 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO DEVELOPMENT THEORIES By DR. FRITHJOF KUHNEN The Journal of Institute of Development Development Studies, Studies, NWFP Agricultural Vol. VIII, 1986, 1987 University, Peshawar. INTRODUCTION Since the end of World War II, we have been experiencing a worldwide struggledevelopment questions. Development theory was born ungainly, patchy and varied but born nonetheless. I do not have the space here to go into a survey of the directions in which development economics has progressed. For a quick introduction, I refer the reader to my introduction of underdevelopment theory

DEPENDENCY THEORY I. INTRODUCTION Dependency theory, as a theory that purports to explain the (related) conditions of economic development and the lack of, and evident need for it, in the countries of the periphery, or Third Worlda condition that some dependistas (theorists of dependency) refer to as

Latin underdevelopment is the outcome of a particular series of relationships to the international system. Susanne Bodenheimer, Dependency and Imperialism: The Roots of Latin American Underdevelopment, in Fann and Hodges, Readings, op. cit. , p. 157. In short, dependency theory attempts to explain the present underdeveloped state of many nations Modernization theory. One of the first major theories to surface as a solution to this new issue of underdevelopment was the modernization theory. This highlights the positive role played by Western countries in modernizing and facilitating development in the nonWest. It is often contrasted with dependency theory.introduction of underdevelopment theory Development theory is a collection of theories about how desirable change in society is best achieved. Such theories draw on a variety of social science disciplines and approaches. In this article, multiple theories are discussed, as are recent developments with regard to these theories.

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The term development of underdevelopment by Frank (1972) rejects the theory of diffusion that implies that the lessdeveloped communities or societies do not have the potential for development since they are not influenced by the dynamics present in the developed or First World as a result of the many obstacles to progress (Mondal 2015). introduction of underdevelopment theory

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