Panda express potstickers ingredients

2019-12-08 16:22

The menu at Panda Express is prepared with ingredients that contain or may contain all the major food allergens, including eggs, milk, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and wheat, as well as allergens such as sesame.There are 160 calories in a 3 potstickers serving of Panda Express Chicken Potsticker. Calorie breakdown: 34 fat, 51 carbs, 15 protein. Related Dumplings from Panda Express: panda express potstickers ingredients

Find out Panda Express Chicken Potsticker nutrition facts. including calories, fat, sugars, protein, carbs and more. Eat wisely, stay healthy.

Panda uses ingredients that contain all the major FDA allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat). Panda prepares its products fresh with shared cooking equipment and therefore allergens could be present in any entree. Panda Express does not Nutrition facts for the full Panda Express Chinese Food menu, including calories, carbs, sodium and Weight Watchers points.panda express potstickers ingredients Complete nutrition information for Potsticker Sauce from Panda Express including calories, Weight Watchers points, ingredients and allergens. Panda Express Potsticker Sauce Nutrition Facts

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