Milka oreo chocolate ingredients

2019-12-08 15:58

Oreo Chocolate Candy. Milka is one of Europes leading chocolate brands, made with milk from the European Alps and the finest cocoa beans. Our milk chocolate candy is so smooth and creamy, it just melts in your mouth.With the new Milka Oreo Sandwich Chocolate Bar , delicate Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate and 10 Mini Original Oreo Biscuits with delicious Oreo Crme now form a completely new, unbeatable taste experience. The new chocolate bar surprises with its innovative shape and exciting texture. The perfect snack for in between. Store cool and dry. milka oreo chocolate ingredients

Milka& Oreo is the smooth chocolate delight from Alpine milk chocolate made from 100 original Alpine milk and crunchy Oreo Keksstckchen. Both combine to form an innovative, delicious flavor composition. Alpine milk chocolate with cocoa biscuit pieces (12) and an Alpine dairy cream filling (38) with vanilla flavor. Ingredients:

Ingredients Milka Oreo Milk Chocolate& Oreo 300g Zucker, pflanzliche Fette (Palm, Palmkern), Weizenmehl, Magermilchpulver, Smolkenpulver (aus Milch), Kakaobutter, Kakaomasse, Butterreinfett, fettarmer Kakao (1), Weizenstrke, Glukosesirup, Emulgator (Sojalecithin), Haselnsse, Backtriebmittel Speisesalz, OREO cookies, vanilla flavored crme filling and white chocolate candy come together in this amazingly delectable candy bar; Each bar is individually wrapped to lock in freshness and delicious taste; This includes one 2. 88z bar of Milka Oreo Cookies& Crme; Highlights: OREO cookies and crme chocolate candy bar; Delicious cookies and crme candy barmilka oreo chocolate ingredients

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