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Roxas stood there and stared at the strange pod. It reminded him of a flower not quite in full bloom. All around him the room was white, blank, empty. Somewhere outside this room, DiZ was watching him. But inside the pod, Sora was sleeping. Sora. Roxas thought about the boy everyone was so worried about, the boy that mattered more than him.Kingdom Hearts: Days of Memories by xKeybladeWielderx reviews During their journey in the fight against the darkness, Sora and Devon both turned their Keyblades on themselves to free Kairi's heart. From that event, two Nobodies, Roxas and Draxon were born with no memories of their past. kingdom hearts roxas fanfic

Kingdom Hearts. Roxas is Roxas, and Sora is Sora, both pieces of one whole, and both beautiful when they intertwine. Sora is comfortable in his changing body as long as he has Roxas

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) Peter Pan (Peter Pan) Yozora (Kingdom Hearts) Summary. What happened to Sora after he faded away in Destiny Islands? Here's my take! This series will follow Sora who runs into But was sad that he sacrificed himself to help stop Xehanort's Nobody, Xemnas plan for Kingdom Hearts and his regret of using the poor Nobody like that. The second was the Organization XIII. She was honestly surprised to see so many humanoid Nobodies like Roxas.kingdom hearts roxas fanfic Kingdom Hearts crossover fanfiction archive with over 4, 990 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

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Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; KairiSora (Kingdom Hearts) RikuNamine (Kingdom Hearts) RoxasXion (Kingdom Hearts) AquaTerra (Kingdom Hearts) Kairi& Sora (Kingdom Hearts) kingdom hearts roxas fanfic FanFiction unleash DarkFoxKit: Yes, it is sort of a requirement to see all the games well, maybe not ALL of them, but the majority, like Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 3582 Days, Kingdom Hearts II, and I think that's about it. Kingdom Hearts. Birth By Sleep. Secret Story: Roxas's Story. RikuRoxasSora (Kingdom Hearts) RikuRoxas (Kingdom Hearts) RikuSora (Kingdom Hearts) RoxasVentus (Kingdom Hearts) VanitasVentus (Kingdom Hearts) reposting from fanfiction. net; Challenge Response; Summary. Terra Force XIII 'Twin Sky' Challenge. Sora and Vanitas, the lovely children of Zack and Aerith Fair. Twins.

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