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Aura Kingdom Ravager CritDef Build Guide by hala18. Just i want to tell you i look around in Ravagers skills, Envoys and Passives and i using this build now on my 52 RavagerDuelist! I can say you my crit chance is 50 and my crit dmg about 45k50kwithout crit dmg up Envoy Path passive! IFull damage build is the way to go until next content patch where they introduce Ravager's rage skill and if you want to focus on procs. People go speed because of round and round that has 10 ticks of damage which all has a chance of procing zeal and any other bonus damage effects (weapons, trophies, level 65 bottom set as well as blessing of the wind from Archer skillset provides a chance to ravager stats build aura kingdom

Jan 13, 2016 Hey guys i was wondering whats the great ravager builds out there and which would be better speed dmg or crit? if possible tell me the envoys path build too. Aura Kingdom. All Discussions Ravager Build PVE

Aura kingdom. to download help. 2 2 comments. Whats the req to enter Crescent Hill? Secondary class with Ravager (self. AuraKingdom) submitted 4 years ago by topl4d. look for a subclass that is most supportive to your play style and build. You will almost never find yourself using subclass skill to damage your foes. Aug 03, 2016  Ravager have holy sword sub instead of shuriken sub and a 24 dmg eidolon instead of ele eido, when the video has been uploaded, i didn't tried shuriken subravager stats build aura kingdom Jul 27, 2015 pve ravager build aura kingdom. Best aura kingdom pve ravager gunslinger build guide 1. speed buff can be boosted in skill level by taking off movement speed 3 as an enchantment card as well to boost speed stat even more. Why Gunslinger? And PvP Discussion: Gunslinger sub for maximum damage.

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An Aura Kingdom database website with information on items, npcs, zones, eidolons, cards, crafts, achievements, titles, skill calculator, timers and more! ravager stats build aura kingdom Nov 03, 2017 Aura Kingdom. to Level 99 RavagerCrusader Boss Compilation (Post Buff Ravager) Slv10 Ravager Crus Boss kill compilation 12: 20. Aura Kingdom New Lament Blazing Forest of the Aura Kingdom Speed Ravager Guide by Desparae Introduction. Hello, everyone! If you have been to the ravager forums before, you mightve seen me around. I have been active here quite a bit since release, trying to gain knowledge about class mechanics as well as help answer any questions people might have. Aura Kingdom Envoy's Path Simulator. User Manual; 1. Click unlocked icon to learn adventure skills 2. Jan 02, 2016 I've been looking around and I saw that the guardian is the only base class with a lvl 3 defense rating. Since this game allows for multiclassing, I was wondering what all class combos could function as good tanks and your opinion on the different tank specs. I'm mostly planning on playing a simple to learn tank spec, even if they're not top tier for PvE

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