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Miscellania is one of the islands located a bit northwest from the shores of Rellekka. To get there you need to take the ship from the middle dock of the port. You must have done The Fremennik Trials to do this. This is the starting point of both Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble quests.May 20, 2016  Item list: an iron bar, (any) logs, 1 any kind of ring (not enchanted) 15 gp or some flowers If your account is male: any kind of bow that youre willing to lose except comp or magic kingdom of miscellania guide

This table assumes you have already completed either Throne of Miscellania (giving you 10 available subjects) or Royal Trouble (giving you 15 subjects and more options), that you make the maximum daily investment (50, 000 coins; 75, 000 coins if you've completed Royal Trouble) and that you maintain 100 approval. Your approval rating is multiplied by your investment every time money is removed from your

Management of Miscellania; 10, 000 Coins (inside the Miscellania coffers) The ability to teleport to Miscellania using a ring of wealth; TRIVIA When talking to Princess Astrid, laughing when she mentions King Vargas starting a war with the other kingdom will cause her to say that it isn't that funny. kingdom of miscellania guide

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