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The Old Kingdom; The Middle Kingdom; The New Kingdom; Differences Between the Three Kingdoms; Pyramids; Women in Egypt; Egyptian Writing; Egyptian Gods; Sources; Videos; Old Kingdom. United under King Menes. 2686 to 2181 B. C. E, . Included the 3rd to the 6th dynasties New Kingdom. United under Pharaoh Ahmose I. BC. Included theOld Kingdom Ended around 2180 BC during the Eighth Dynasty. Ancient Egypt fell into disunion, the climate grew drier, people moved closer to Nile, and there was famine. It was known as the Time of Chaos or Disorder. Middle Kingdom: ( BC) old middle and new kingdom egypt

The Middle Kingdom is a period of time during the history of Ancient Egypt. It lasted from 1975 BC to 1640 BC. The Middle Kingdom was the second peak period of the Ancient Egyptian civilization (the other two being the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom). During this time all of Egypt was united under a single government and Pharaoh.

The Old Kingdom was known as the Age of Pyramids, the Middle Kingdom was known as the Golden Age, and the New Kingdom was known as the Imperial Age. Turquoise and copper were mined during the Middle Kingdom. Mar 14, 2015  The Middle Kingdom. After the Old Kingdom, Egypt's power and influence declined. But not for long. The Middle Kingdom was the next era of Egyptian growth, lasting fromold middle and new kingdom egypt Archaeologists divide ancient Egypt's history into three big blocks of time. In each block of time, all pharaohs behaved in a certain way. These blocks of time were called kingdoms. Scientists named these blocks the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. During the time of the Old Kingdom, pharaohs were buried in pyramids. It was time consuming to build a pyramid.

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