Molotov cocktail ingredients

2020-01-17 13:24

Molotov Cocktail recipe. Pour a shot of vodka (preferably russian) into a shot glass. Float the 151, ignite, blow out, and shoot.Dec 14, 2016 to make a molotov cocktail use ketel one vodka, giffard parfait amour liqueur, black sambuca liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice and garnish with lemon zest twist Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do. molotov cocktail ingredients

Jul 30, 2019 The Alko corporation massproduced Molotov cocktails. These devices consisted of 750 ml glass bottles that contained a mixture of gasoline, ethanol, and tar. The sealed bottles were bundled with a pair of pyrotechnic storm matches, one on either side of the bottle.

Finland. The original recipe of the Molotov cocktail was a mixture of ethanol, tar and gasoline in a 750 millilitres (0. 79 US qt) bottle. The bottle had two long pyrotechnic storm matches attached to either side. Before use, one or both of the matches was lit; when the bottle broke on impact, the mixture ignited. Molotov cocktails are similar to napalm bombs in principle. Napalm was originally made by combining flammable naphthalene and petrol with a thickening agent palmitic acid. The latter two are the main ingredients of Molotov cocktails. When gasoline is used as the main ingredient, motor oil is commonly added to help the gasoline cling to the target.molotov cocktail ingredients

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