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Feb 08, 2019  Bryophytes are known as the Amphibians of the Plant Kingdom. They do not have vascular tissue. Sphagnum, Funaria and Riccia are common bryophytes.Classification of Bryophytes. Bryophytes are classified into two main divisions. They are: Liverworts Example Marchantia; Mosses Example Sphagnum; Importance of Bryophytes. As bryophytes can survive on bare rock, they can initiate soil formation in any barren terrain of land. They can maintain the soil moisture and also help in the recycling of the nutrients in forest vegetation. kingdom bryophytes

Bryophytes are an informal division that consists of 3 groups of nonvascular plants, namely mosses, liverworts, and hornworts. Prominent bryophytes characteristics are the absence of true roots stems and leaves. Furthermore, rhizoids perform the function of roots,

Sep 07, 2018 Plant kingdom part 3 Bryophyta (Mosses and Liverworts) Duration: 11: 31. Bio Master 7, 421 views. 11: 31. CBSE Plant Kingdom video lectures by Dr Meetu Bhawnani (MB Mam ) Duration: 16: 13. Jul 05, 2018 Bryophytes comprises the simplest land plants of plant kingdom (kingdom plantae). In this video, Dr. Shanty Paul explains the classification and general characteristics of bryophytes, using simplekingdom bryophytes

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