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John Morrison SHOOTS on WWE Return, Impact, Lucha Underground! Published 7th August 2018 at 9: 30pm by Pete Quinnell Former WWE star John Morrison, now going by Johnny MundoImpactWrestling (wait no thats someone else), sat down with CBS DC recently, and among other things, discussed WWE, IMPACT and Lucha Underground.Jul 28, 2011 Raw: John Morrison returns to confront RTruth. Raw: John Morrison returns to confront RTruth WWE's Top Ten Most Heartstopping Returns Ever Duration: 25: 03. DalyxmanV2 WWE Mashups johnny mundo wwe return

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Sep 26, 2019 John Morrison, aka Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, and Survivor contestant John Hennigan, has reportedly signed a deal to return to WWE. John Morrison Is Reportedly Bringing Slamtown Back To WWE Music Aug 04, 2018  Johnny Mundo talks Lucha Underground and if hell return to the WWE By Greg Bush August 4, 2018 Johnny Mundo, AKA Johnny Impact in Impact Wrestling and John Morrison injohnny mundo wwe return May 19, 2017  Johnny Mundo signed a developmental contract with the WWE after winning the 3 rd season of Tough Enough in 2002. He made his main roster debut on

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