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May 08, 2019  Jimmy Herring is no stranger to adventurous new environs: The North Carolina native has fearlessly honed his nowformidable technique via stints with some of the giants of improvised music from his earliest days in the van with Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit to high profile stints with the Allman Brothers, The Dead, Project Z, Phil Lesh and Friends, and his ongoing role asOct 21, 2008 Herring's ability to confidently mix things up while playing with a refreshing honesty and lack of posturing throughout makes Lifeboat as rare a fusion record as he is a fusion guitarist. jimmy herring lifeboat

Jimmy Herring And The 5 Of 7 Head to Japan for Their First International Appearances. Jimmy Herring and his new band The 5 of 7 announce additional fall tour dates. Jimmy Herring announces new Band and Tour The 5 of 7. John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring announce Live in San Francisco.

Nov 25, 2008 Jimmy is a guitar player's guitar player. I love this album; love Jimmy's approach to the instrument. Lifeboat is the album Herring fans have been waiting for. Jimmy is in supreme form and does not disappoint. The arranging and writing are top notch. Jimmy's guitar tones are crisp, clean, classic Herring. May 28, 2017  That being said, Jimmy Herring is one of the few who falls right in the middle, sitting more than comfortably on either side of the fence, yet able to straddle it as well without seeming that hes juggling or balancing any rhythmic sonic or harmonic concepts.jimmy herring lifeboat It's been a while coming, but Jimmy Herring's solo debut is a major achievement and will no doubt ride high in quite a number of bestof2008 lists in jazz, rock, fusion and guitar periodicals alike. Let's hope Lifeboat is just the beginning of a long solo discography.

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Apr 07, 2014 Herring's Only When It's Light featured on his solo album Lifeboat . Great JazzFusion composition by Kofi Burbridge. I do not own the rights for the song. My only intention is to promote the jimmy herring lifeboat Feb 24, 2009 With his painfully longoverdue solo album, Lifeboat (Abstract Logix), Herring finally puts that rumor to rest once and for all. It has been long established that Herring is one of the finest Lifeboat shows that Herring has a deep love for jazz, and hes very adept at playing that style of music. Without question, this is one of the most inventive, fresh, and moving jazz releases of the year, and its a huge triumph for Herring. Jimmy Herring Lifeboat (Abstract Logix) Aug 11, 2018 With Lifeboat, Jimmy Herring is poised to move from sideman to the center of the stage. Lifeboat is a wideranging work that encompasses various musical genres: rock, jam, jazz and blues. It may come as a surprise to aficionados of those bands, then (or maybe not, given Herring's chops and proven versatility), that Lifeboat Herring's first solo album sports ten tightly arranged instrumental tunes (six of them written by Herring) and leans toward jazzfusionesque showpieces (that course set definitively on the funky opener, Scapegoat Blues, with its shifts in time signature), tastefully

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