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The allure of the Native American medicine bag is still present although modern medicine and practical knowledge is available to everyone now days. Having a Native Indian medicine bag is something of homage to the beautiful culture as well as hand craftsmanship ofJan 16, 2015 The wonders of the medicine bag. Hello everyone. Today I wanted to discuss the Native American medicine bag or Native American medicine pouch and its purpose. When thinking of a medicine bag, think of how you were as a child. indian medicine bag ingredients

There were two very basic styles of American Indian bags: soft pouches, made of tanned animal hides (usually deerskin or elkskin), and parfleche, made of stiff rawhide. As something that holds supernatural items, the medicine bag must also have some power of its own.

What Is a Medicine Bag and How Do I Make Mine? Author: Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls. A medicine bag is an ancient item that spiritually represents the person who wears it. In 1991 the body of a man who lived over 5, 000 years ago was found frozen in a high mountain range and with him was a medicine bag. You might think that a medicine bag should only be carried by a Native American Medicine Man or Healer. That was one type of medicine bag quite large as it would contain many herbs and articles, sometimes as many as fifty items. But there is a personal type of Medicine Bagindian medicine bag ingredients A medicine bag is a spiritual container which often takes the shape of a small bag made of leather. It can be filled with just one or several sacred objects and worn around the neck in order to keep them close to the wearer's heart.

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