Frisia marshmallows ingredients

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The classic Hitshcler frisia Mallow Cubes are absolutely irresistible. The pink and yellow cubeshaped foam sweets are the last word in marshmallow fun. Their delicious, creamy vanilla flavour, the best ingredients and the proven premium quality have made them legendary and winners once again of the German Agricultural Societys gold medal in 2012.Frisia Marshmallows are great for roasting at the BBQ. A nice ending to your successful BBQ. Also delicious as a snack. With the most delicious vanilla cream. frisia marshmallows ingredients

Cable marshmallows. Content and weight. 210 Grams. ingredients. Ingredients: glucosefructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, anticaking agent: corn starch; flavorings, colorings: E100, E120, E131, E162. nutritional values. These values apply to the unprepared product. Per 100 grams. RDA Recommended Daily Allowance Energy 323 kcal Energy 1372 kJ Proteins 6 g

Marshmallows are timeless sweets that all ages savour. Frisia Assorted Mallows 1kg are a great value bulk bag of classically shaped mallows which can be repackaged and sold in many ways. Within our marshmallow range, they are one of the best sellers. RRP; 0. 99; Frisia is the market leader in the Netherlands soft confectionery segment and markets delicious marshmallows, gums and Flying Saucers. Frisia guarantees delicious confectionery of consistent quality. Try it yourself! You can be assured that the popularity of marshmallow in the Netherlands is due to Frisia.frisia marshmallows ingredients Baking Ingredients From Delhaize; Pancakes From Delhaize; Bread From Delhaize; Cookies From Delhaize. Biscuits Cookies From Delhaize; Snacks From Delhaize; Sweets Snacks From Delhaize. Sweets From Delhaize; Crisps Pretzels From Delhaize; Chocolate From Delhaize; Soup Products From Delhaize. Soup From Delhaize; Soup Ingredients From Delhaize; Powdered Soup From Delhaize

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