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Jimmy Carter speaks on 'a crisis of confidence, ' July 15, 1979 By ANDREW GLASS 05: 02 AM EDT On this day in 1979, with energy prices soaring and interest rates spiking, President JimmyPresident Jimmy Carter's Crisis of Confidence Speech July 15, 1979 Jimmy Carter was widely attacked by Republicans for the historic speech that he made after a 10day retreat at Camp David in July 1979, but many of us believe that it was a courageous step in the direction that American leaders must take if they are to provide real leadership in troubled times. president jimmy carter crisis confidence speech

Carter on Crisis of Confidence On July 15, 1979, with gasoline prices skyrocketing, President Jimmy Carter delivers his fifth speech on the energy crisis since taking office. He seeks to make an

by Jimmy Carter President Carter speaks to Americans about the crisis of confidence in American government, values, and way of life, as the public expresses doubt in a better future for their own children. Carter challenges citizens to unite and address the problems in Jul 12, 2009  Thirty years ago, President Jimmy Carter diagnosed the nation with a crisis of confidence, and Americans' reception of the criticism was overwhelmingly positive. But within days, the goodpresident jimmy carter crisis confidence speech Jul 28, 2019  Jimmy Carter speaks about a national crisis in confidence On this day in 1979, President Jimmy Carter addresses the nation via live television to discuss the nations energy crisis and

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Jimmy Carter, The Crisis of Confidence Speech (1979) President Jimmy Carter gave this speech in the summer of 1979, after his popularity ratings had been dropping for a number of months. His legislative initiatives, especially his plans to develop alternative fuel sources, had stalled in Congress. president jimmy carter crisis confidence speech Also in this database: Jimmy Carter's Undelivered Energy Speech of July 5 1979 Research Note: Some 300 photocopied and digitized public domain documents pertaining to President Carter's delivered and undelivered energy speeches are available by request to AmericanRhetoric. com courtesy of the The Jimmy Carter Library& Museum.

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